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Today's increasingly complex electronics are challenging design engineers with an ever growing need for cost effective thermal management. Higher circuit density to increase functionality, combined with cost and weight reductions are creating increased heat generation which require cost effective heat dissipation solutions.

Thermally conductive dielectrics were introduced a couple of decades ago, but are now starting to gain traction in a number of different applications such as:

  • High Brightness LEDs

  • Defense & Aerospace

  • Automotive Electronics

  • DC/DC Power converters

  • High Voltage Regulators

  • Power Supplies

  • Photovoltaics

Thermally conductive dielectrics reduce the peak operating temperatures of components and in some cases eliminate the need for cooling fans and mounting heat sinks under heat generating devices. Hence, more performance from smaller packages.

Milplex Circuit (Canada), Inc. is an industry leader in the fabrication of thermally conductive Printed Circuit Boards. Milplex stocks a vast range of dielectrics, aluminum, and copper to reduce manufacturing time, thus reducing our customer's time to market on their unique or niche products. Milplex has the ability to critique and improve on new and existing thermal management PCB designs to ensure design for manufacturability and design for reliability criteria are being met or exceeded. Milplex has the expertise to fabricate single sided, double side, multilayer, and sequential lamination multilayer thermally conductive constructions. Milplex can provide aluminum copper backed or aluminum and copper core solutions.

Thermally conductive Printed Circuit Boards are Milplex's Core Competency, not a side line or R&D effort.

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